Make observations in classrooms and around the school to help the management and the pedagogical team to improve conditions for the children and the entire teaching team.

Help schools to handle  unexpected events! Presence alongside or the replacement of a management staff member on a temporary basis for several weeks and up to several months in order to work with the teaching staff during this absence.

MCF accompanies real estate project developers and entrepreneurs who wish to create a Center, after school daycare, baby nursery, cultural workshops, a school, a junior or high school, a living space for seniors, a trans-generational Center and others projects that have the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy in mind. The successful implementation, the organization and adaptation of the Montessori concepts for a variety of structures such as a company, a day care, a hotel, home for the elderly, etc.. MCF will work with management and staff (recruitment, team management, evaluation of necessary equipment and material).

To establish an audit for management allowing an analysis of the situations.

Existing or future schools that wish to prepare to sign the Charter of Montessori schools of France (an AMF/ISMM accreditation in view of the future AMI World accreditation), will benefit from Montessori Consulting France’s expertise, preparation and consultation. MCF enables owners, directors and teaching staff (teachers, assistants and class helpers) of your schools or future school to prepare with confidence to: make the necessary changes to comply and sign the Charter. For schools abroad, the procedures are similar due to the fact that the international criteria set up by the AMI are comparable from one country to another.

Any school who has signed the AMF/ISMM Charter places itself in a prime position with only a few steps left in order to sign the AMI World Accreditation when it will be effective in the future.                                                                                                                The practical application of Maria Montessori's scientific pedagogy implies a continuing process for improvement in quality. To sign the Charter accreditation means officially subscribing to the framework of the overall process.  MCF is here to enable your school to join the best, world renowned Montessori schools who have received the recognition of a school which respects the international criteria set up by the AMI.

AMF : Association Montessori France

AMI : Association Montessori Internationale